Date: 18-19 October 2018

Location: Centro Scuole e Nuove Culture, Salita della Fava Greca 8, Genova, Italy

During the 1st managerial meeting of the ASOP4G project all partners discussed about the up-to-now progress regarding the activities implemented, deliverables, results, impressions and any challenges that the national research teams have faced, as well as mitigation strategies. Further, discussion on the handbook’s structure and content and accordingly on the training module took place. A common agreement was reached despite each country’s specifics, given that according to the project’s overall aims, common standards shall be set in all four countries.

Moreover, the timeframe was discussed in order to conclude on a workpan that is manageable based on each participant country’s situation. Further on, the outline of index of legislation relating to the situation of UASC was elaborated. Other outputs, such as the accreditation procedure, the trainer’s manual, the transnational collaboration protocol and the website were discussed. Finally, the steps ahead were set regarding upcoming activities, such as the consultation with children activity and the drafting of evaluation tools of the training and the delivery of the training per se.