High Level Meeting on Guardianship in Athens

On the 30th of September 2019 a High Level Meeting took place in Athens, organized by NGO Praksis in the context of the G.A.IN. program “Guardianship Advanced Instruments for child protection in Europe” (REC 2014-2020) and in association with UNICEF, UNHCR, National...

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2nd Managerial meeting

During the 2nd managerial meeting of the ASOP4G project all partners had the chance to discuss about the project’s pilot phase progress and especially about the implementation of the 3-day trainings for guardians and representatives of unaccompanied children. In particular, topics, trainee’s feedback and evaluation, challenges, as well as documentation of the deliverables were described by each national project team.

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1st Managerial meeting

During the 1st managerial meeting of the ASOP4G project all partners discussed about the up-to-now progress regarding the activities implemented, deliverables, results, impressions and any challenges that the national research teams have faced, as well as mitigation strategies.

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National Networking Meetings

National networking meetings were held in each partner country during which representatives from competent state agencies, services and NGOs were informed about ASOP4G project’s objectives, activities and expected results. In general, national guardianship systems were analyzed, professional’s training issues and the role and tasks of each participant agency in relation to unaccompanied minors.

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Workshop On Expertise Exchange

This workshop intended to be an exchange of partner’s experience thus far in training professionals in child protection and migration and enhancing child participation in relevant activities.

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Kick-off Meeting

During the kick-off meeting of the ASOP4G project all partner organisations and members of the project team had the chance to introduce themselves and many issues were thoroughly discussed in the basis of common understanding.

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