Following the completion of all training activities, i.e. foundation training and continuous training workshops, and the finalization of the training module, the handbook, the tools, the trainer’s manual and the supportive to the delivery of the training material, each national project team organized a train the trainer activity.

Participants-trainers were defined by the public authority responsible for organizing and delivering the training of guardians of unaccompanied children. In Greece the activity took place on 22 and 25 November 2019 in Athens at the premises of the Department of Mental Health & Social Welfare of ICH. The participants-trainers were representatives from the National Center for Social Solidarity (EKKA), UNICEF, UNICEF seconded staff at EKKA and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, UNHCR and METAdrasi. In Cyprus the training took place on 4, 9 & 20 December 2019 in Nicosia. Participants-trainers consist of members of the Social Welfare Services (YKE). In Lithuania the activity took place on 19-21 November 2019 in Rukla at the refugee center. Participants-trainers were the scientific staff of the refugee center given that they are the competent service for the care and protection of third country national or stateless minors. In Italy the activity took place on 29-30 November 2019 in Genoa. Participants were experienced guardians and representatives from university, the municipality and NGO.

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